January 21, 2014

Into The Sea

With Spring Break right around the corner (March), now is the time to start looking for some cute, and sexy bikinis for your trip to paradise.

Mikoh, is a swimwear line created by two sisters Duo Oleema and Kalani Miller. Kalani takes care of the business aspects of Mikoh, while Oleema focuses on the swimwear creativity and design.

Their 2014 collection Into The Sea features one of a kind stunning pieces, where you're sure to stand out in a unique way on your Spring Break Destination. Below I give you my top 5 favorite swimsuits from Mikoh's 2014 collection:

1.Into The Sea- Banyans. This is one of my favorite pieces from this collection. The detail of the swimsuits back is absolutely gorgeous. This is an absolute must in my suitcase for Spring Break.

2. Into The Sea- Bora Bora. This one piece has gorgeous detail throughout with horizontal lines inlaid. The nude-cream like color is gorgeous on sun kissed skin.

 3. Into The Sea- Durban. This sexy one of a kind swimsuit includes black and white stripes, with gorgeous cutouts in the front and around the waist.

 4. Into The Sea- Kauai. This bikini features a tie dye blue and white fabric. This is a great bikini for your next beach destination.

5. Into The Sea- Sunset. One of a kind, two piece black and white bikini with a gorgeous tribal print design.

To see Mikoh's full 2014 collection click here: Mikoh's Swimwear

Which swimsuit would you like to take with you on this years Spring Break Destination?
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  1. I wish... But with a big bottom, hips and post prego belly. Not happening lol. Which one would you take?