January 12, 2014

Lessons In Layering

First off I just want to say how warm the weather has been here in Minnesota these past two days. Today it was in the 40's, and felt to me like Spring was in the air! I am sure you heard but it has been REALLY cold outside here in Minnesota lately with temps in the -30's with wind chill. Just think today it was 70 degrees warmer than it was a few days ago! That said,  I am kinda scared to look at the forecast for this upcoming week. Lets hope it stays warm for when I have to start walking to classes starting tomorrow morning! (eek)

My college career is slowly but surely coming to an end. I am ready to be done with studying and ready to start my own online fashion boutique. Wish me luck tomorrow on my first day back to class!

Last Tuesday, I hosted the "Social Tuesday's Blog Hop", with my co-host Love Iris. The winner of the blog hop with the best post goes to Myriad Musings blog post: "Lessons In Layering".

She successfully put together a fashionably cute outfit. Look below at her photos! (She looks gorgeous in this outfit) You can find the full look over at Myriad Musings, Lesson In Layering.

She too decided to stay inside and do a photo shoot there, because it was so chilly outside. But she sure knows how to brighten up the day with this outfit! (Even if it was gloomy and cold as heck outside!)

Pssst look at those nude pumps!

Also if you're in the mood for some free things... Check out my giveaway that is still going on. Which features a full sized powder brush. Come back everyday until January 19th for more chances to win! Stay beautiful my beauty queens.

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Have a great rest of your Sunday (Cheers)


  1. Very cute outfit! Love the coat! Would you like to follow each other on GFC and instagram? I'll follow you back and keep in touch :-)

    1. Hi Andrea, I am now subscribed via GFC!

      ♥CLK Fashions

  2. Gorgeous outfit!! I love the look of that hat with that hairstyle. c: