January 20, 2014

Picture Perfect

Saturday I decided to do a little shopping, and I came across some incredible deals, with some extremely cute fashion pieces that I want to share with you.

However I don't have a fancy camera that takes amazing pictures. Instead I have a simple digital camera that was bought for me a couple years ago from my boyfriend.

The camera I am currently using is a Sony Cyber-Shot 14.1 Megapixels. I have tried to adjust the settings on it etc. But for now this one will have to do. Make sure to check back sometime this week.  I hope to have my first photoshoot for the blog posted by than.

Also if you have any helpful tips on settings, or adjustments for my current camera for my upcoming photo shoot, I would love to hear about them below in the comment section.

As of right now -- I am in the process of shopping around for a new camera. But before I get a new camera, I need a little extra money in my wallet to purchase one, and also I need some insight on what kind of camera, lights, etc., to purchase.

Goal of purchasing a camera

So today I was searching online trying to find some good insight on brands and types and I came across a YouTube channel that features two beautiful young ladies talking about cameras and shooting equipment.

If you are also looking for new tips and tricks for your blogs photography I found the video below to be very helpful. Check it out:

(Best if played in HD)

Video Source

After watching this fun video, I would like to purchase the following:
  1. Canon EOS 600D
  2. Canon Remote Control  RC-06
  3. HD SD Memory Card
  4. Lighting
  5. Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 II lens
What kind of camera and shooting equipment do you use or have experience with? 

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