January 17, 2014

Risque Business

If you haven't already heard the 2014 color of the year is: Radiant Orchid. I found some amazing pieces that were this color. Along with some fun accessorizes to make this outfit POP!

Risque Business

TGIF- It was a great week back to college! I know it's the first week, but after taking 4 years of college courses, this semester seems to be the most interesting and most relevant to my major which is management.

Courses I am currently taking this Spring include:
  1. Business Policy & Strategy 
  2. Human Resource Mangement 
  3. Project Management 
  4.  Enterprise Resource Managment 
  5.  Human Behavior in Organizations
Sometime this year (2014), my goal is to open up a online fashion boutique CLK Fashions. I would like to do this sometime within the next 6 months. So keep an eye out, and I will make sure to keep you up to date as I continue to grow and build my blog platform.

Have a great Friday darling! 


  1. Great post! Love that white jacket! Pretty!

  2. Great post - keep up the hard work in college (I don't envy you (: ) Thanks so much for visiting my blog - have a wonderful week!


    1. Thanks Lulu, its almost over! I am graduating in May, however I will still continue taking courses later on in May. Than I will be done! =) I look forward to posting a real outfit post of me soon, today not such a good idea. It's snowing and cold!!!!!!

  3. Very cute outfit set and that bag is TDF! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. :)
    On the Daily Express