January 2, 2014

The Fast Lane

Going through a drive thru versus cooking a meal at home... Is it really worth it? Well maybe for the time being. Because remember it's suppose to be quick and easy on the go food.

But what happens about 10 minutes after you eat that junk food you just put into your body? Well you probably already guessed it... You start to feel sick, sluggish, and tired.

Your stomach starts to gurgle and lets face it your probably have to go to the bathroom. Yep I said it... But it's true, and you know it, it's not the healthy kind you want either. Why? Because your body wasn't made to digest the ingredients that are in fast food like MC Donald's for example.

Below I found a good article showing what's really in your food you're eating:


I promise you after you read this you will think about whether or not you want to go the quick and easy route next time you are out and ready to grab a bite to eat.

While eating healthy for just 3 weeks, I can already start to see the results. I have so much energy I feel like superwomen! I get up have a smoothie for breakfast/lunch and I am off doing a few things around the apartment. And before you know it I am out the door for work or the gym.

Going to the gym early in the day is the easiest for me. You need to find a time to workout that works best with your schedule.

I also make sure to have a protein shake before and after my workout. Especially for beginners protein shakes really help get you going. You can feel the boost of energy and strength that you normally wouldn't get without the shake.

For snacks I usually try and keep fresh veggies, fruit, and nuts in the cupboards. I find by doing this helps me shy away from ordering that pizza late at night, because instead I reach for almonds or apples to satisfy my hunger.

For dinner I have it already planned out what I am going to make for the evening. Usually I have the meat defrosting in the fridge early morning. It helps to go grocery shopping for an entire weeks worth of meals.

Happy Thursday!


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