February 28, 2014

Fashion Boutique Favorites: Bold N' Gold Edition

Hi everyone! Today has been a pretty relaxing day for me I have been focusing on some "me" time, and working on the blog while sipping hot cider and snuggling up with Tiger & Taz. Which are our two brother cats we adopted 2 years ago. If you have me on Instagram, you're likely to see pictures of the two brothers. I know what your're thinking, I am some "crazy cat lover" haha = ) Follow CLK Fashions on Instagram: Here! 

My favorite look right now is Magenta, Gold, and Baby Blue. The colors go so well together, I just love it! The Magenta colored pants makes it so that blue denim shirt pops!
Bold N' Gold

 photo FoxxiEdition.png

Gold accessories: My all favorite go to, great for everyday looks

Denim Shirt: Hot for Spring 2014, you can mix and match and layer different shirts over the top, making it interchangeable with your current pieces from your wardrobe.

Magenta Colored Jeans: These leggings are a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Super soft, and is one of my favorite colors right now.

Faux Fur: I think you can tell I am in love with faux fur right now, I had a recent post of me wearing a similar vest, you can see my recent post titled Faux Fur

Booties: Brown booties with gold, what more can a girl ask for?

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  1. I love that!!
    I may have to link up. c;


  2. Nice outfit :)

    1. Hi Mag KP!

      Thank you! I need to go and purchase these items, so I can have real-life photos of me wearing them and share with you!

  3. Aside from the fedora (I don't think I look good in hats) this outfit has all awesome items that are on my wishlist right now. Love those earrings especially!


  4. Hi Stephanie, hats are a hard one for me as well.. But this year I am going outside of the box and trying new things! You should too!

    CLK Fashions