February 19, 2014

Must Have Fashion Pieces For Spring

After a week vacation from the blog, it's nice to be back again after a busy week with Valentine's Day, and college... Thankfully the weather has been nice yesterday and today, with windows open and snow is melting away... My mind is set on SPRING!

For those of you traveling for business or vacation, or just staying home during Spring Break in March, it's the perfect time to start shopping for exclusive new Spring 2014 collections from talented fashion designers.

Collection: Twin Set Jeans Spring/Summer 2014 By Barbra Palvin

Trend: Lace and Denim 

  Jean jacket vest over blue mid waist lace dress. This dress is a must have for spring!
White Lace with leather vest, paired with a light blue or dark blue denim Capris 
Floral print with white lace and blue jeans. This is a must have for my spring collection. These black heals are stunning!

This lace jacket is my top pick from the twin set jean 2014 spring/summer collection. My favorite color right now is this pink hue. I plan on doing a post later on with some of my current accessories in this color. 

What are some of your favorite designer collections for Spring 2014? I would love for you to share in the comment section below!

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  1. Count me in as a fan of denim & lace.....it's girly meets tough at its finest!


    1. Thanks for the support Rebecca, always a treat reading your comments! = )