February 10, 2014

The Super Easy DIY Love Mugs

The other day I was out shopping around at a local craft stores trying to find some handmade gift ideas for this years Valentines Day... In the process I found some paint pens that are non toxic, water resistant and ideal for glass. Light bulb went off... And I thought what a inexpensive gift idea: {DIY} Handmade Coffee Mugs. While looking at quotes online I found that my favorite one was:
Mr. Right // Mrs. always Right ♥

This {DIY} project will take you roughly 45 minutes depending on how good you are at free drawing! 

So I give you The Super Easy {DIY} Mr. and Mrs Love Mugs:
Time: Estimated at 45mins
1. Pick out your paint pen colors: I used Gold Craft Smart Paint Pen from Micheal's for under $3.00
2. Purchase your coffee mugs I found 2 square mugs at Walmart for $5.00 for the pair.
3. Practice drawing your design on paper with the pain pen. This helps you get a feel of the pen prior to using on your mugs.
4.Once you feel like you have the design down, start drawing on your mug!
5. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes this helps the longevity of your cups.

For a personalized touch add anniversary dates, wedding dates, initials etc.

Now wrap those fancy mugs up, and save them for valentines day, anniversaries, or a special occasion! Have fun with it! Enjoy your new mugs! If you would prefer to purchase the mugs I have a shop in Etsy where you can customize your mugs, and I can do all the work for you!
Link to my shop: Etsy Shop

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  1. I love these- they are so cute and something worth trying myself. :) Happy Valentines day coming!

  2. You should! They are very simple to do! And inexpensive, making it worthwhile (even if you made a mistake). Would love to see the end results! Good luck!

  3. These are so cute and would make a great gift too! Thanks for linking up to The Makers!