September 3, 2014

Loaded Chicken Fusilli


Today I start by sharing with you a simple, healthy recipe that tastes so good you will be coming back for more!

It's called "Loaded Chicken Fusilli with roasted vegetables". Let me first state that this recipe is very easy and can be done by anyone. My favorite part about this dish is that it's healthy and I don't have to feel guilty after eating a full serving. It also is very filling, feel free to eat this dish alone since it's packed with protein and veggies. Or if you would like to serve this dish with a side you could have fresh fruit or a chopped salad.

This recipe has been part of my new diet plan which consists of eating lots of fresh vegetables, low fat protein, fresh fruit, and whole grains. After one week of eating home cooked meals I feel this amazing sense of being refreshed and re-energized. Making me smile a whole lot more = )

With the new school year in session. I know how hard it can be to have the energy or or the time to cook at home for every meal. But I think that this recipe is pretty quick and overall easy to make. Total prep and cooking time is roughly 60 minutes. Within serving size of 4-5. Leftovers will also be a plus to this recipe!

 ***One of my tricks to making any kind of chicken taste yummy, is by adding honey! I swear by it.

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What do you do in the kitchen to make your chicken taste delicious?
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